University of Northern Iowa Center for Energy & Environmental Education, in collaboration with Practical Farmers of Iowa, is hosting a farm field days to highlight farming practices that reduce the need for weed killers and other synthetic inputs while maintaining productive fields and protecting Iowa’s soil and water.

These farm families are literally putting theory into practice; long term studies at Iowa State University have shown, repeatedly, that diverse crop rotations and organic practices enhance soil quality, crop yield, water quality, and Iowa’s overall environmental health. What’s more, these techniques can be profitable. It’s crucial for public health officials to know that these regenerative farming systems have significant positive downstream effects such as clean water and enhanced biodiversity.

It is also important for the farming community to realize its role in community health; creating dialogue between public health professionals and farmers at these field days (and hopefully a sense of comradery and mutual appreciation for each other’s work), we hope to impress upon farmers that they play a significant role in public health.

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*All images below are courtesy of our partner, Practial Farmers of Iowa

Past field days

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