MIDLANDS VOICES In his column for the Omaha World Herald, Iowa farmer Ron Rosmann discusses practical agricultural innovations that help the environment Read more WHO WE ARE Farming for Public Health is a statewide initiative to build more understanding among healthcare providers and public health professionals about agricultural strategies that solve for a pattern of soil health, clean water, biodiversity conservation, healthy food, rural economic vitality--collectively, public health. Learn more FIELD DAYS Field days highlight farming practices that reduce the need for weed killers and other synthetic inputs while maintaining productive fields and protecting Iowa’s soil and water. View upcoming Field Days


What we do

Host Field Days

Highlight evidence-based farming practices that don't impact productivity, and facilitate opportunities for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing

Raise Awareness

Make relevant research on pesticide and public health -- as well as upstream solutions to a pattern of environmental health issues -- visible to Iowans


Share stories from around Iowa of innovative farmers who protect public health