Primer on US Food and Nutrition Policy and Public Health: Food Sustainability ( 3 pages)

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AJPH Primer on US Food and Nutrition Policy and Public Health - Food Sustainbility.pdf

Initially included in a series of articles on food, nutrition, and policy in the American Journal of Public Health, this article concisely connects the relationship between nutrition, agriculture, policy, and the important role of public health practitioners have in highlighting these connections, ’Encouraging more diversified agriculture means moving beyond the paradigm of planting vast monocultures and relying on industrial animal feeding operations for meat production. Public and planetary health require a move toward resource conserving crop rotations, reintegrating animals back into crop systems, and widely adopting agroeocological and regenerative practices….Considering theĀ  interdependence of agriculture and nutrition, the public health community cannot remain passive on questions of agricultural policy.

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