Long-Term Agroecological Research (LTAR) Experiment Supports Organic Yields, Soil Quality, and Economic Performance in Iowa (13 pages)

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The study shows that in the second LTAR phase (2002 to 2010), equivalent organic and conventional corn (Zea mays) and soybean (Glycine max) yields were achieved in the organic corn-soybean-oat (Avena sativa)/alfalfa (Medicago sativa) (C–S–O/A) and corn-soybean-oat/alfalfa-alfalfa (C–S–O/A–A) rotations compared to the conventional corn-soybean rotation (C–S). Organic oat and alfalfa yields, at 103 bu/acre and 4.4 tons/acre, respectively, exceeded county averages of 73 bu/acre and 3.3. tons/acre, for the same period. In Fall 2009, soil organic carbon, total nitrogen, and extractable K and Ca were 5.7%, 9.5%, 14.2%, and 10.8% higher in organic soils, respectively

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